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Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on December 20, 2008

Since the last time I posted, Microsoft has released an updated Live Suite. The programs are quite polished and very stable. It seems that I’m always living in the Beta/Release Canidate State. It will not be too long before This “Wave 3” seems old and out dated compared to what the future holds. is where you can get the goods.


Scythe Fans

One of my case fans died, I would not have noticed if my Western Digital Raptor did not die. I replaced it with a fan that should last next to forever. Scythe uses some Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearing Technology, as a result the fan will last forever and is quite quiet while pushing a lot of air.


It is well known that the hard drive is the slowest part of your PC, so I figure why not buy the fastest hard drive. Currently Western Digital Stands alone (Ignoring SSDs, which would be fun to play with, but are quite expensive) with their 10,000 RPM Enterprise Grade SATA hard drives. Their latest line dubbed “Velociraptor”.

I tell you, there is a night a day difference between using a standard 7200RPM hard drive and a 10,000 hard drive for your OS. Things just seem snappier. An early Christmas present replaced my dead Western Digital Raptor with a Velociraptor. Sadly, my original raptor had a short life, barely over a year, kind of lame. I think another hard drive manufacture needs to step in and provide some competition here.

Bottom line, if you are looking for an great upgrade for speed, the 10,000 RPM hard drives are not a gimmick, they really make a difference.

Fear 2

I love F.E.A.R. , it is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. The single player was fun, the AI was great, and the slo mo was done quite well. Plus the game was pretty scary, kept you on edge. Sierra also decided to make a free multi player version of F.E.A.R. available, F.E.A.R. Combat. That was quite fun as well. Now adays the game is kind of old and neglected.

Wonderfully, F.E.A.R. 2 will be here soon. Looks like the Multiplayer is getting more attention this time. I loved the Multiplayer before, because of the gun feel and beauty of the game, but now this only adds to the greatness.;title;2

The Armor looks interesting. The gameplay should be best as just a normal first person super soldier though.

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More Screenies.

Can’t wait. The game is released February 10th.

I am of course getting it for the PC, as should you!

Windows 7

As you may have heard, Windows 7 Beta invites were sent out. I think this is an exciting time for Windows, things only can and will get better.

(Image from WinSuperSite)

7’s libraries and New Taskbar are great usability enhancements, also something that I bet will create a lot of resistance.

I never thought Vista was slow, but from what I hear, 7 will blow it away in terms of speed.

Tooth Fragment Extraction

Well, I am glad that I have no tooth extraction issues. I had a fragment left over from my wisdom tooth extraction a few years ago, I finally had it taken out. It is quite painless, though I cannot chew on that area. I will spare you any pictures of such procedures.

Foxit eSlick

Foxit, out of all companies, released a new e-book reader, the eSlick.

This e-book device, eSlick, is priced at $229.99 for direct purchase ($259.99 retail), quite competitive compared to Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader at $359 or Sony’s PRS-700BC e-book reader at $399.

Screen: 6" E Ink® Vizplex screen 600 x 800 pixel resolution at 166 dpi, 4-level gray scale
Size: 7.4" x 4.7" x 0.4" (188×118×9.2mm)
Weight: 6.4 ounces (180g) battery included
Color: Black/Gray/White
Connectivity: USB2.0
Operating System: Embedded Linux
Supported Formats:
– eBook Formats: PDF, TXT, Any printable document(after converted to PDF using included software)
– Sound Formats: MP3
Internal Memory: 128MB
Storage Memory: SD Card (2GB included. Supports up to 4GB)
Expandability: SD card slot
Buttons "ON/OFF", "Up ", "Down", "Right ", "Left", "Enter ", "Delete", "Menu", "Music".
Plugs: Euro 2Pin, UK 3Pin, US 2Pin
Rechargeable Lithium-Battery
Samsung® S3C2440 ARM 400MHz

I wonder if this can replace my heavy book bag of books. I just do not know how it would work out, but it would certainly be welcome.


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