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Being Sick Sucks II

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on February 8, 2009

I rarely get sick, but I got it good this time. I’m pretty sure I have the flu, the body aches are quite powerful and surprising. At least I am starting to feel better.

Exams Suck as Well

I just had a physics exam, now I have Chemical Engineering and Organic Chemistry to worry about. I’ve been practicing my H NMR stuff, I can’t seem to get it quite right still.




Someday I will conquer the world that is Organic Chemistry, and I shall win!

Email Clients Suck Too

Continuing with the suck is email clients. I like outlook, mainly because of the task list.


The problem is I experience IMAP errors with Outlook.

"Your IMAP server has closed the connection. This can occur if you
leave the connection idle for too long".



I like the look and simplicity of Windows Live Mail as well, but it does not have the all important task list, and when waking my laptop from sleep, it has this crazy “purging email” dialogue that stays around for a while, during which time the app is too slow to work with.


Zimbra Desktop From Yahoo might work out, I dunno yet. The only problem with Zimbra is I can’t use Live Calendar, and it is kind of ugly.

Inbox - View messages as conversation threads or individually, with message text preview

What do people use with IMAP? Thunderbird I hear, but I do not know if I want a client with that kind of functionality. I have filed so many bugs for Windows Live Mail and feedback to help improve IMAP support, and while it has gotten really fast, that purging issue is too annoying.


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