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Speed up Network Browsing

Posted in Tweak of the Day by iamscience on August 4, 2006
==+Tweak of the Day!+==
Ever notice that browsing other shared files over a windows network maybe a bit slow? Well that might because windows will automatically check for scheduled tasks on the other machine, which is pretty much pontless as far as I know. To speed this up you can disable this, and here is how:
Go to start then run and type regedit then browse to this registry key.
Now delete the key named {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}.
Notice: If you want to back this up so you can restore it, just right click on it and click export. Thats it, reboot and enjoy faster network browsing!

Tweak of the day! It’s back!

Posted in Tweak of the Day by iamscience on August 2, 2006
I used to do a tweak of the day on wallop ( which was a research project by Microsoft. It is by far one of the best community sites, the only problem is not much exposure since it is an invite service. I decided to resurrect this idea of having a tweak a day!
Tweak of the day!
Ever have windows hang on shutdown, well this should help speed it up and shutdown quickly. This auto ends a hanging process. Go to Start/Run then type Regedit. Now Under HKEY_USERS start browsing to .DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop. With desktop highlighted on the right should be AutoEndTasks, and assuming this tweak isn’t already implemented, it should have a value of zero. Just double click it and set it to 1, and reboot!
Key: .DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop
Name: AutoEndTasks
Type: REG_SZ
Value: 1