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New Live Writer!

Posted in Computers and Internet by iamscience on June 2, 2007

 I’ve never really been a big blogger, but tools like Windows Live Writer help me casually blog easier. The Live Writer team just performed a major update, to 2.0. You can read more about it at their blog

Overall I like the new UI, and the inline spell check works wonderfully. I only wish that the IE team would put out neat updates like this more often. I’ve been stuck with the same build of IE7 for a long time now, at least it feels like it.

Anyways, if you blog, you should check out live writer, it makes blogging a more seamless experience.Untitled


10k RPM hard drives really do have noticable performance increases!

Posted in Computers and Internet by iamscience on April 1, 2007
I was reading Coding Horror’s article on a 10k rpm hard drive. I’ve always been skeptical of how much of a difference they could make, and well, there is no reason to be skeptical, it really does help. I just converted over to a 150GB 10k rpm raptor, and my system just feels a lot snappier in general. You’ll have to read Coding Horror for more compelling evidence.
Now I must figure out how to set this up. Obviously I want my OS on the raptor, but where do I want my games. I figured since they’ll benefit from the speed of the raptor I’ll put them on there too. I have a few Seagate 250 gigs that I’ll use for Pictures, docs, and videos.