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IE7 RC1 Released!

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 24, 2006


Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Release Candidate 1 (RC1) has been designed to make everyday tasks easier, provide dynamic security protection and improve the development platform and manageability. End user improvements include a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing, printing advances, improved search functionality, instant feeds (RSS), dynamic security protection, and more.


Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 for Windows XP SP2
Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 (Windows x64 Editions)
Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 for Windows Server 2003 Itanium Edition
Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 for Windows Server 2003 SP1


Desktop search 3.0 Beta 2 Released!

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 22, 2006

What’s new?

-The first true beta of WDS 3.0 with the new service-based indexing engine and fully-functional UI.
-The first version of WDS available for x64 machines! 64-bit engine and UI!
-Truly a countless number of fixes from the WDS 3.0 Engine Preview released a few months ago.

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 download links:

For Windows XP

For Windows Server 2003

For Windows x64 Editions

KB Article


Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 RC1

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 22, 2006

This is odd, a release candidate for a Beta 2. In anycase it is a nice release! I especially like the new theme a lot. IE7 and Firefox 2.0 are the best looking browsers out there. I think my preference is leaning towards Firefox 2.0 vs IE7 Beta 3. Firefox just feels faster. Do a quick test and go to in both browsers and move around and navigate. I bet Firefox will end up being quicker for you. Plus it looks better! Look at the two pictures below, one Firefox (Note the new theme!!) and one IE7. The blue bar on Firefox is transparent and turns solder upon hover, in IE, it is solid all the time.



Download Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 RC1

IE7 Beta 3 

Quick Note: With Live Writer (what I use to post to my blog) I can press print screen to capture a screenshot, and then press control-v and it will paste in my post! Cool stuff!

Maybe Live Spaces is popular overseas?

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Who actually uses Live Spaces?

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 21, 2006

Robert Scoble recently published a post about how most of the spaces he found were blank or not that active. I must be in a minority of someone who posts regularly. I like spaces, I just do for some reason. I would have to agree that spaces is pretty slow though. I think performance should be every websites #1 concern. Every application developer for that matter. If the application is going to be great, be great fast, if it is going to fail, it should fail fast.

Anyways back on subject, who uses spaces? I do not think the updated spaces page actually works. I mean I’ve NEVER been listed, and I have more than one entry. That page doesn’t even seem to change that often.

Show Music WMAs

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I forgot I had a google page, so I am using that for a webhost 😉 Here are the show music WMAs for our marching show this year. The second song has a long sax solo, and I am a soloist! The show is based off The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

F.E.A.R. Combat Free!

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A little While ago Sierra announced that F.E.A.R. Combat would be free. This is basically a full blown F.E.A.R. with no single player. The muliplayer has also been enhanced with new maps and multiplayer modes.

F.E.A.R. Combat features:
– 10 Multiplayer Game modes.
– 19 Multiplayer Maps.
– 12 different weapons.
– Punkbuster support for anti cheat support.
– The capability to download user generated content.

You can read the full announcement here.

Go here to download F.E.A.R. combat, and to also obtain your key.

I would reconmend using the torrent download. Most of the website mirrors are swamped. You could use Fileplanet, but that isn’t free 😉

Writer Zone

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 13, 2006

So to blog to my space, I am using Live Writer. It is pretty darn neat.  You can check it out at the teams blog below, or directly download it here.  The tool allows you to blog with an application on your desktop, without having to open a browser window. It will post the exact layout in which you edit and create using this writer tool.

Link to Writer Zone

The Cedar Point Trip Before Camp

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So I went to Cedar Point Aug 5 the day before bandcamp. That was a bad idea, but a fun one. My feet are so tired, of a full 9 hour day at an amusement park and 5 days of 8 hour marching.


So at Cedar Point, I decided to ride one of the fastest roller coasters there, Millennium force. I enjoy roller coasters and all, but they do scare me. So after waiting an hour I boarded the coaster and waited to be taken up the hill. At about 2/3 the way up, the train just stopped. I immediately thought, "hm this isn’t normal". I had ridden water rides earlier, and it was later in the day high up, and was freezing cold. Everyone in the train was confused  and worried. There were two little girls in front of me who were crying. Finally, 25 minutes later someone in a maintenance car came up and told us the ride had stopped because someone’s seatbelt was unbuckled, and that the ride would start as soon as she got back down. Well she went back down and the ride didn’t start for another 20 minutes. I wonder if she was lying… anyways it made the suspense a lot more scary than it needed to be. That ride was one heck of a ride though. Since we were stuck for a while, they let us stay in our seats and ride a second time, so my girlfriend and I felt daring enough to do it again! Below is a picture of us the second time around.

Back from Camp

Posted in Uncategorized by iamscience on August 13, 2006
Finally got back from bandcamp! I have a nice tan and I think our show is awesome. For those of you who do not really know me, our show this year is "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
If anyone has free hosting of wma, or .mp3 files I can put them up here for you guys to listen to.